zondag, 19 mei, 2019

Running Junkies, Wine Lovers and everything in between: Celebrate your run with wine at the finish line! Combine your active workout with an exclusive wine tasting afterwards. Join us now, Wine Not?

Amsterdam city run

Inspired by the famous Marathon du Medoc, in which runners sip France's lovely wines along the route, Running Holland and Amsterdam City Run proudly present Amsterdam’s first 'Run Now Wine Later' 7K Social Fun Run.

This run is not about beating your PR, our showing off how fit you are. This run is simply about having a real good time with each other. So how does it work? We'll run 7K along the scenic Amstel river and learn more about our awesome capital during the Amsterdam Fun Fact Challenge. Running along with happy tunes will motivate you to smile & sweat your way to the finish line where we'll celebrate our run with an exclusive wine tasting at the coziest wine bar in town.

At Winebar Paulus, known for it's friendly and welcoming environment, you will taste 3 carefully selected wines. Your experienced sommelier will help you discover how to taste wine like a pro while you relax and enjoy having a good time with your fellow runners.

Program details City Run & wine tasting

14.30 Welcome at Winebar Paulus

14.45 Start run

15.45 Back at Winebar Paulus

16.00 Start wine tasting

17.30 End of program

More detailed information about the program and practicalities can be found here.

Price & Tickets

Regular ticket price: 22.50 EUR | Running Holland Members: 17.50 EUR

We like to offer a 5 EUR discount exclusively to members of the Running Holland community.

Tickets are available at Amsterdam City Run, make sure to enter your discount voucher (coupon code: RNWL2019) on the registration page.

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